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Hugh is an entertainer, a teacher and a wise spirit. He was invited to our staff briefing as a guest expert on the topic of resilience. We are experiencing a systems implementation which will have a significant impact on internal work processes and efficiencies. It was obvious Hugh is passionate and authentic about the topic. His company needs analysis and customised delivery gave him credibility with the audience. Change Management is often an overused and under-baked concept. Hugh resuscitated life into it using Resilience Theory. Our staff were energised and I truly feel his brief but potent messages will result in positive behaviour shifts. If you are looking for sustainable change and want to deal with someone with grounded know how and a sense humour, I highly recommend Hugh’s services.

Junita Mushenko, Head of People and Culture,  Standards Australia

Hugh Todd recently accepted a request from me to demonstrate his coaching skills in front of this year’s cohorts for the Masters of Business Coaching degree with the Sydney Business School. In front of a daunting group of nearly 20 masters students Hugh conducted a brilliant coaching session with absolute finesse. It takes someone with Hugh’s experience and confidence to pull off a coaching session in such intense conditions. I would happily recommend Hugh for future assignments with anyone in leadership looking for new insights and ways to develop their talents.

Vanessa Fudge, Chairman, Shirlaws

“Women in leadership” has been an issue for me since I started working on gender and diversity issues. I have known about the glass ceiling and what it takes to be a woman in a male domain. Unfortunately, when it was time for me to take a management position in Human Resources, I failed to transfer this knowledge. Hugh has helped me see that I was ready for a leadership role just the way I was and that I have all the tools available. Hugh has inspired me and coached me to a point where I am very comfortable at my place in the management team, surrounded by male colleagues who are older than me and come from a military background where women in leading roles are still the minority. I have come to know my strengths and weaknesses and how to use both to my advantage and in the spirit of my company. I can only recommend Hugh and his seminars to any woman who wants to discover the leader in herself.

Petra Bender, Head of Personnel & Administration, NATO Airlift Management Agency (NAMA), Hungary

“Hugh is an awesome coach who is able to get you to the heart of a challenge. His support in enabling you to pick your way through complex issues to clarity of action is amazing. My career went in a totally new and successful direction as a direct result of my coaching sessions. I am always left feeling clearer and more positive as a result of our time together. Every leader needs the support of this calibre of coach!”

Jan Rudge, National College, UK

“Hugh’s tailored program and calm focused approach to subject matter aligned with extensive and detailed knowledge – meant that the results were almost guaranteed. The material was rich with practical methods to achieve goals and Hugh was able to guide me to sections that resonated with my personality and character. Highly recommended.”
Max King, Managing Director

In a matter of two months, I am moving on and for the first time in a very long time feel I am creating opportunities, have choices and know what I want. I suppose my brain has been rewired by your clever ways of reframing how I was seeing the world.

Olimpia Mazza, learning & development specialist

Hugh is special. He is more than just a mentor to me. He makes me feel like my close friend committed to my growth and development.
On top of his vast experience to share, he demonstrates honesty, integrity and he can be trusted to give objective and frank advice. I remembered one occasion when I shared my aspiration to leave my job and start my own business, he was very objective and gave me some good advice on helping me to weigh the risks and make the best decision. More importantly, he taught me the importance of being open to my employers early to plan for a smooth transition. This benefited me and helped me to have an amiable parting with my then employer.
Hugh demonstrated very high emotional intelligence. He is aware of my emotions and is sensitive to my emotions and feelings. At the same time, he is bold to communicate failures and weaknesses to me so that I can see my blind spots.
Hua Koon Tan
Former COO, Orangegum pty, Singapore

I have had the privilege of being coached by Hugh and have found it a hugely valuable experience. Hugh has a very subtle style that is challenging without being confronting. He is able to facilitate the process of insight and the raising of awareness in a very safe space. I gained personally by being able to obtain understanding that I was actually approaching an issue I had from totally the wrong perspective.
Anon by request (Sydney)

I am truly impressed by your skills as a communicator, motivator and inspirer and by your heart, dedication and impact.
Giuliana Andrade

What really blew me away were insights into people who I found challenging and had historically been resistant to dealing with me. Yes, it’s a challenging environment to be a woman at senior management level in one of the main industry player’s organisations however I am determined to prevail in this climate. Having Hugh was like having a secret weapon of understanding. I finally had a magic key to connect with and influence my colleagues. I was able to understand the game that was being played without being drawn in or having it play out on me.
Hugh gave me the confidence to experiment, to “break the rules”, whether with my own fears or assumptions, or with the oppressive and seemingly suffocating convention which had crept into the company culture.
I now apply myself with new vigour and sense a great ‘breath of fresh air” from applying new approaches developed with Hugh, and looking back I consider working with Hugh as one of the best career investments I’ve ever made.
A senior property industry executive – anonymous by request

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