How to Say No Assertively

How to say NO and still have people raving about how helpful you are! Let me share the concept in just over 3 minutes.

Consider this: an abrupt, hard NO is certainly quick, job done. Except that you have a lot of mopping up to do in the relationship and you’ll also have to face payback, one way – or probably several others.

My suggested approach takes longer initially but keeps the monkey off your back and where it belongs. And the other person goes away thinking how incredibly helpful you’ve been. So instead of trying to repair damage, you end up with credit points in the bank instead. And somehow people stop expecting you to do everything for them.

The strategy works, sometimes miraculously, both at home and at work.

Oh and professional coaches – the principle applies to you. You’re not saying “no” to your client, but you most definitely are NOT there to solve their problem and do the heavy lifting for them. Be helpful, empower – but don’t either reject or take over.

Whatever you do, persevere!

Over to you …

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