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 Communication & Conflict

When communication breaks down, what do you get? Conflict. If you’re lucky it will be in the open, but often it remains under cover and your efforts to make a difference as a leader get sabotaged at every turn.

Communication always comes up as one of the top 3 problems in any organisation. So I’ve spent a lot of time helping to develop strategies that work, in every kind of situation.

And here are the best of them!
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Inspire and Energise

Globally, an astonishing proportion of employees are disengaged. They just don’t care about their employer. And a quarter of those actively undermine and sabotage the organisation.

As a leader here’s where you can make a huge difference and gain competitive advantage. This is in fact an opportunity to shine!

Let me help you to develop clear, shared purpose, build strong engagement, develop your people, understand what makes people tick (or ticks them off!), build high performing teams and deal with difficult people and attitudes.

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Problem Solving & Decision Making

When you’re under pressure, the worst thing you can do is to fall into the trap of making decisions on the run – “I’ll just mop up the bloodstains later”. Oh yeah? We never get there, and each poor decision breeds a new generation of problems.

This course will help you to learn two great kinds of strategy.

One is a logical, step by step process that you should use to nail down solutions that actually work.

The other is a way of generating original, creative new thinking that you can use to completely disrupt existing ways of doing things. Something that great leaders do.

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Coming Soon: The High Performing Leader


Sometimes it’s hard to let go. Yet micromanagers are perhaps the no 1 reason for the best talent to leave and move to other jobs.

I’m going to share a bunch of case studies with you to illustrate the difference, starting with one boss who changed his ways after his first (and only) heart attack.

Then let’s identify the characteristics and skills of the best, most admired leaders. And how you can develop exactly those strategies and abilities, long term.

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