The Future of Performance Management

Backwards-looking performance management systems have had their day – wahoo! – and need to be replaced by methods of building relevant future-focused performance and capacity.

Existing systems serve largely to demotivate and divide, and do nothing to motivate people to develop new skills and practice, or to maintain a team or company mindset, or to challenge poor management when it should be.

Developing new feedback and feed-forward practices, innovative ways of keeping these flowing and updated constantly, and keeping performance management discussions focused on what is needed in the future are some of the key recommendations in an excellent article published by McKinsey in May 2016.

“The growing need for companies to inspire and motivate performance makes it critical to innovate in coaching—and to do so at scale. Without great and frequent coaching, it’s difficult to set goals flexibly and often, to help employees stretch their jobs, or to give people greater responsibility and autonomy while demanding more expertise and judgment from them”. Boris Ewenstein, Bryan Hancock, and Asmus Komm

Here’s a link to the full article: Ahead of the Curve: The Future of Performance Management


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