Communication & Conflict Course

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Conflict is what happens when communication isn’t working. And communication is in my experience the single most frequently named source of problems in teams. Let’s face it – if what you’re expressing doesn’t actually change anything, it’s just a lot of hot air and a waste of everyone’s time. 

Discover my best tips on how to use communication skills to create an open, trusting and effective working environment where issues get raised without people getting stressed about it, where it is easy to give and receive feedback – and to have it acted upon. And when you need to, how to be assertive and how to say no in ways that actually impress other people with how helpful you are. Learn the pro’s and con’s of different conflict styles and how to turn the negatives into positives. And finally, how should you deal with the most difficult people in your environment?

  • Topic 1: Communication Styles
  • Topic 2: the power of listening
  • topic 3: giving & receiving feedback
  • topic 4: asserting yourself #1
  • topic 5: Asserting yourself #2 saying no
  • topic 6: conflict styles and the way to win/win
  • topic 7: dealing with difficult people

Topic 1: Communication Styles

Have you ever been in a situation where you just seem to be on a different wavelength (or planet!) to the person you are trying to communicate with? Learn how your respective styles cause this, and how to turn this to your very significant advantage.




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