Coaching Skills Courses

 Coaching Skills for Coaches & Leaders

What Will I Learn?
  • Understand what coaching is all about, and how it differs from teaching, instructing, mentoring, and counselling.
  • Elicit what is really important to your client.
  • Listen. Really, really listen.
  • Use frameworks to guide a coaching conversation and help your client to recognise blind spots.
  • Use questions productively.
  • Avoid making one of the most common mistakes made by coaches.
  • Help your client to multiply the value of your coaching.
  • Close coaching conversations with the nail down to ensure commitment to action.
  • Deliver highly effective coaching in any situation.

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The Business of Coaching

What Will I Learn?

1. Coach Fails: Recognise why coaches (and our coaching services) might fail

2. Client Fails: Recognise at least 6 ways that your client might fail

3. Coachability? Learn how to predict if a prospective client is in fact coachable

4. Confidentiality: Understand what coaches get wrong and how to reach agreement on confidentiality

5. Clarity of Purpose: Learn how to extend and clarify the most valuable outcomes that your client should expect from the coaching engagement

6. ROI: Learn how & why to present and deliver coaching as an investment, rather than as a cost

7. Engagement Models: Gain some ideas about how to set up coaching engagements that go further and deeper than is typically the case, to the benefit of both coach and client.

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